Lavender Wrasse (species: Cirrhilabrus lineatus) in Lizard Island Field Guide (Lizard Island Field Guide)
Cirrhilabrus lineatus
Lavender Wrasse

©Lyle Vail: A juvenile Cirrhilabrus lineatus at about 22 metres at Cod Hole near Lizard Island. Thanks to Yi-Kai Tea @lemontyk and others on iNaturalist for the id.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Perciformes
Family Labridae
Genus Cirrhilabrus
Species Cirrhilabrus lineatus

Distinguishing features

Yi-Kai Tea notes in iNaturalist (May 2021): The yellow eye and series of broken lavender stripes behind the head is characteristic for this species. Cirrhilabrus punctatus at this life stage lacks stripes, and has a white spot on its snout. C. scottorum can be eliminated - it has very fine blue-green striae dorsally, and the body is maroon with a blue slate. C. laboutei cannot be mistaken for any species even in the juvenile phase.


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Depth range

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by Anne Hoggett


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