Great Hammerhead Shark (species: Sphyrna mokarran) in Lizard Island Field Guide (Lizard Island Field Guide)
Sphyrna mokarran
Great Hammerhead Shark

©Josh Hallett

©Ellie Shuetrim and Alex Heath: This may be a Great Hammerhead Shark seen at the Cod Hole on the Great Barrier Reef.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Elasmobranchii
Order Carcharhiniformes
Family Sphyrnidae
Genus Sphyrna
Species Sphyrna mokarran



Distinguishing features

This hammerhead shark has the front of the head smoothly curved, without indentations. It is solitary and oceanic (Allen et al, 2003)


  • Up to 420 cm (Length of specimen)

Depth range

  • Depth range data is not yet available.


Similar taxa


©Atlas of Living Australia: Australian distribution

Local abundance

  • Lizard Island: No records of this species from Lizard Island

Web resources


  • unspecified - This shark is considered dangerous (Allen et al, 2003).